Our attention to detail and our passion for horticulture are also reflected in another facet: in the place where we once had a tree nursery, we are now cultivating a vineyard. Managed by Jost and Susanne Landtwing, who have educated themselves in the field of viniculture, the entire team assists in the care and harvesting of grapes. And in Tegerfelden, Aargau, a fine wine is created from our crop.

Our Wines

In viniculture we count on “PIWI” grape varieties. They are innovative, appealing – and robust. “PIWI” denotes a high resistance to fungal infections. As a result of this, we are able to substantially reduce the use of pesticides, which is an important aspect of sustainability.

We ended up selecting Divico and Muscaris. Divico is a young grape that has been hybridized from Gamaret and Bronner. Muscaris, on the other hand, is closely related to Muskateller. Both wines have brought much joy to our families and to our circle of friends and clients, all of whom are looking forward to more each year.