Care and Maintenance

Maintaining a garden design requires dedicated care. We offer selective support services or our garden care subscription, a year-round “no worries package” with which you have nothing to worry about. We take care of your garden and make sure that it is always in its optimal health and full glory.

135 year of experience including: our garden care subscription

Passionate, precise and consistent – garden care throughout the year. Available for individuals, property owners and corporations.

Plant Care

Every plant is unique and its proper care requires expert knowledge. This is where our expertise excels. For hedges or bushes, shrubs or trees, native or exotic species: we ensure the proper pruning and maintenance, pest control and all aspects of care that your individually selected plants may require. That is how your garden will thrive and flower – as if of its own.

Lawn and Meadow Care

Lawns and meadows can be important features of a comprehensive garden. We assist you in deciding the variety and purpose and determine what is needed. We apply our know-how and take care of maintenance, subsoiling and soil activation, as well as restoration. This way, your lawn or meadow does not only look inviting, it will also remain healthy. Our expertise also includes the implementation of the most modern lawn robots, provided by our partners.

Seasonal Planting

Seasonal touches: We advise you on when given plants flower and how you can continuously enjoy seasonal highlights. This way, your garden will be graced with daffodils just in time for Easter, or you will be enjoying specks of color all the way into fall. And we also take care of the plants and provide plant maintenance.


A successful garden design requires attention to detail. This includes regular clean-up and maintenance tasks. Our engaged and trained team, for example, ensures that your pond remains free of algae, the pool always sparkles with fresh water, your walkways are always clean and presentable. In short, we make sure that your garden always looks beautiful and inviting.

Winter Care and Vacation Services

Not all plants are able to withstand all weather conditions and seasons. Therefore, we offer the service of making sure that your selected plants survive the winter (possibly with storage) and of taking care of watering during the warmer seasons. This allows you to plan your time away independently and without worry.